About Sartorial Rascal

How Sartorial Rascal can help you?

 Almost all of us have been there- Standing in front of our wardrobe and drawing a blank as to what to wear to office/college or that party with your friends or on that romantic date with your special someone, haven’t we? This is where Sartorial Rascal steps in. We send you handpicked clothes & accessories based on your style preference, budget and any other specific requirement. Clothes are picked by a stylist who is well versed with the latest trends and timeless style statements with the expertise to select the pieces best suited to your requirement. What we are offering is a very personalized service, so much so that no two boxes will ever be the same.

Why should I shop at Sartorial Rascal?

  We're here to revolutionize the way you shop. Gone are the days when you browsed endlessly on ecommerce portals or toured the whole shopping mall twice and found nothing. Subscribe to our box service and let our personal stylists awaken your inner sartorialist. We will do all the hard work of keeping track of latest fashion news; selecting the clothes that would look best on you. Whereas all you need to do is get dressed and step out of the door & start collecting those compliments. We have our eyes on you.

Who we are?

We are just a bunch of people who are very very passionate about fashion. So much so that we have made it our motto to help men look their best, always! Get Started with us and you will know what we mean.

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