Put an end to the tiresome shopping- Bring your personal stylist home!

We know how men hate complicated stuff. So we are here to make the shopping process as effortless and amazing as possible for you. It is pretty simple as explained below:

Sign up & answer the questions earnestly. The better you answer, the more we know about you. Let us know the date by when you want the box.

We'll send you a preview mail of the items picked for you.

Once you approve the same and make the payment, we'll send you the box.

Try on the clothes, keep what you like and return the rest. Simple!

You have 48 hours to browse through the preview e-mail and give us your confirmation/rejection instructions.If we don't hear back from you in 48hours, the order automatically gets cancelled.

No pressure in regard to purchases. We provide a 5 day home try-on period where you can decide what to buy and what to return.5 days begin from the day our courier partner shows the box as delivered.

Both ways shipping is on us. In order to ensure the best of the services, the shipping charges are also borne by us.

There is no minimum purchase requirement. You can keep none, one or as many items as you want.However, remember that Styling Fees will not be refunded if you don't keep any of the items.

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