We strive to provide quality fashion to you at the best price.

Why do you charge the styling fees?

We all know how free services are, right? We charge this styling fee of Rs 1,000 to provide you the best service possible and make you fall in love with your latest wardrobe additions. We DO NOT compromise with the quality of our service. Moreover, this fee is adjustable against your purchase.

When do I make the payment?

Before you start worrying about money, we will take your money only after you see what we are sending you i.e. you make the payment when you confirm us the order after seeing your preview e-mail which informs you what the box will contain.

What is with this 25% off?

Looking good is an expensive hobby. We, at Sartorial Rascal, want to make it as easy for you as possible. So we offer a flat 25% off if you buy all the stuffs of the box. And remember, we already take care of the styling part for you

How much does this box cost?

Our average price point per item comes to around Rs. 2,000 and there are 5 items per box i.e. 2000*5= 10,000.

You have 48 hours to browse through the preview e-mail and give us your confirmation/rejection instructions.If we don't hear back from you in 48hours, the order automatically gets cancelled.

No pressure in regard to purchases. We provide a 5 day home try-on period where you can decide what to buy and what to return.5 days begin from the day our courier partner shows the box as delivered.

Both ways shipping is on us. In order to ensure the best of the services, the shipping charges are also borne by us.

There is no minimum purchase requirement. You can keep none, one or as many items as you want.However, remember that Styling Fees will not be refunded if you don't keep any of the items.

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